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Nor do I have any court date against my name. When I applied for jobs it shows that the case is still pending against my name. Shaun — please see my previous replies with regards to this issue — you must have proof either in the form of a copy of the front of the SAPS docket stating that the case was withdrawn or a document from the court stating that the case was withdrawn once you have that there is a process that we must follow in order to assist you.

Please send a mail to info csinvestigate. Lorenzo — please see my reply to Dawid — you would need official proof that the case was withdrawn. I arrested for theft and fraud back in November Was charged, but never pleaded guilty or not guilty. I appeared in court a couple of times, every month or two. I received my bail money back. I never heard anything from the police, my lawyer or anyone about the case again. The company did background checks, by taking our fingerprints. They found that the case was pending and awaiting trial on my criminal record. I was therefore dismissed.

Dawid — yes we can assist you in that regard.

You would however need to provide our office with the official documentation from either the SAPS or the court stating that the case was thrown out of the court. Morning Amelia, I have been arrest in age 18 for Traspass not realized. Security catch me they call the police who took me to police custody they took my fingerprint, the next day I went to Court the Magistrate dismissed the case the finding state De mininus In I apply to possess a firearm it was declared I explain the story to the officer he advanced me to bring the Case docket I did.

My question is a have a criminal record or not? Good day Samson — the easiest way to find out if you have a criminal record is to submit your fingerprints. We can assist you with that — please send a mail to info csinvestigate. If you do have a criminal record — we can also assist to expunge it for you if 10 years has already lapsed and the record was for trespassing.

I was charged for assault in paid a fine …fingerprints were taken …I was successful in an interview but upon doing the security check via fingerprint they picked up that I have what they said is a record. If you do have a criminal record — we can then determine if you are eligible for expungement clearing your record and assist you with that. Anyway, he then took down my details first and last name together with my ID number in some book that appeared to have other names and ID numbers possibly of other people that had been caught shoplifting.

So please put me out of my misery, is it possible that I have a criminal record? I have a criminal record almost as long as my arm, all this due to my miss spent youth and drug addiction Housebreaking and theft etc. I got out of prison in October , in January I got a job at Sasol as a Safety Watcher, I worked with them for four years, at my own expense I studied further and got my SAMTRAC qualification, then qualified as a Safety Officer, I have worked on various projects since then and proved myself to be a trustworthy employee, from I studied further at my own expense and completed my National Diploma in Safety Management, currently I am studying for my B-Tech degree in Safety Management but I am still finding it difficult to get a permanent position because of my Criminal Record.

Good day Sir!! First let me congratulate you on turning your life around! Then I think I have some good news — if you qualify — we can assist you with an expungement. Good day Mo, if the case was withdrawn your PC will be clear. The case should not be on the system as pending — as it was withdrawn…. On both occasions I paid the admission of guilt fine and was released. I am employed in Government for last 10 years and have been promoted twice. On each occasion security vetting was conducted and no criminal record was picked up.

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Now I have applied for another post and am sitting as the number one candidate for the post, my security vetting is picking up my two convictions. Does the Labour law discriminate in terms of an individual not being appointed based on my previous convictions that I have disclosed.

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Can I challenge the decision if I am not appointed based on these grounds. Good Morning Amelia, I was arrested in 31 February for being in possession of stolen bike which i advertised on Gumtree. You see I bought the bike for my son, when he passed and later realised it was too big big for him and he wanted a PSP instead. I advertised the bike on Gumtree only to get ambushed by the police and arrested for being in possession of stolen property which I was not aware of.

I gave my full co-operation with the name of the person who sold me the bike, After being detained the person eventually came to the Investigating officer to inform them that i was not aware of the bike being stolen and that I was innocent party, he then made a deal with the detectives by giving them the names of the guys where he bought the bike from.

As also picked as well that these guys were linked to a spade of house break ins as well. The Captain also agreed that the charges will be dropped against me, but fingerprints were already taken. I appeared in the court next day, the Magistrate did not even looked at me as I walked straight out of court. Upset only to find out my belongings at home were confiscated and now 11 months later as part of job interview where i passed, been in training for 3 weeks, I am on the payroll been given access things as part of the requirements. I was shocked, I never went to court, have never been updated regarding the return of my property after I send them numerous emails, they just ignored me.

Now I see this. As stated many times before the lack of communication between systems may lead that status never to be updated. Please send me proof that the case was withdrawn either a copy of the front of the docket or a document from court to proof that the case was withdrawn. Please send information to info csinvestigate. Hi Amelia, I was convicted and charged for assault however when I did a check the system picked up that I was convicted for Robbery. Is there a way this can be rectified?

In 10 years ago after a security vetting, i was successful in being appointed in the Government sector after being security vetted. In I was successful in getting a promotion in the Government sector and was security vetted again- no inconsistencies detected. In January the SIU conducted security checks on all staff members in our section and no feedback or issues were corresponded. As i completed my degree, I was applying for further higher posts. On all my Z83 applications i stated criminal offences as none. In November upon going for an interview, my security vetting results detected these offences and the HR called me to provide an reason which I duly sent through.

I believe that I was the appointed candidate but because I disclosed that I do not have a criminal record and this was picked up, I think that i was not given the post on those grounds and was discriminated against. I now know of the expungement process.

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Kindly advise. Me and my old friend was arrested as juveniles but we went on trail the matter was withdraw; case closed, but i did not appear on the day the matter was closed at court and know i have case pending or a warrant of arrest against my name i just wanted to know where i stand, because i want my name to be cleared for i cant follow my career because of that case, can anybody give me legal advise or what are the possible outcomes. CSI can submit your fingerprints in order to determine what the status of the case is.

If case is still pending — we would advice you of the next step. Asking have u ever been arrested? Have u ever been found guilty? My answer was no, cos i dnt even knw my police clearance certificate…im so stressed cos im still waiting to hear 4rm them…..

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Good day Sir. This would have given yourself and the employer an opportunity to discuss the matter with you and clear up all any questions that the company might have had. In future — rather be honest in your application. Hi Amelie I once had a case for theft but it was withdrawn but the finger prints were taken and this records shows up on the police database. So if I were to apply for a police clearance this means that this will also show up? And if I were to apply for. Contact my office for an appointment. He told me he will cancel it since it has been sorted out and tell the lady that opened a case against me to come through to the police station.

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I want to found out if i havr a criminal record under my name as the officer had all my details including my ID? Please contact my office or info csinvestigate. Hi, I was arrested for drink and driving , the following day I paid R bail and investigating officer instructed me to go to court on Monday morning ,when I got to court I was told that the charges are withdrawn and I was refunded my R The following week I found that there is a pending case on my name , then I went to the police station to ask for a front page of a docket , it only stated that the case was not placed on a court roll.

What should I do in order to clear this from my name? Send all relevant documentation to me info csinvestigate. I went to caught and paid a r fine not knowing it was an admission of guilt. Is there anything I can do about it as I still have 4 years till my 10year period is finished.

leondumoulin.nl/language/adventure/smash-comics-76.php This was posted previously- still awaiting a response. At the age of about 13 or 14 it happened that my friends steal from the super market. The security picked it up and follow them to the parking lot where he find us all eating what they stole. The security took us as small as we were to SAPS.

We were asked questions and I did not even know how to answer. My friends parents were there except mine and they paid a FINE. The FINE did not include me. No receipt issued on my name as admission of guilt. The police told me they will destroy my finger prints as we were leaving the station. I have worked for over 3 companies now, doing finger prints check.

I was never decline or rejected employment.