Harley davidson engine id numbers

The next two letters are the model designation see list below , the sixth digit was the engine type see list below , the seventh digit was the introduction period see list below , The eighth digit was the VIN check digit which could be or X, the next letter was the model year see list below , the letter after that was the assembly plant see list below and the last 6 numbers were the production numbers.

World Manufacturer ID:.

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Weight Class:. Model Designation:.

FL Touring Models:. XL Sportster Models:.

V-ROD Models:. Street Models:. Engine Displacement:. Introduction Period:. Check Number:. In years ending with an even number example: , the sequence numbers ran , then skipped to , then , then , then , then In years ending with an odd number example: , the first digit of the production number was always odd.

So it ran , then skipped to , then , etc. One theory is that this was an anti-VIN-forgery scheme. The other theory is this was a nefarious scheme to make people think production was much higher than it actually was, to mask Harley's low sales figures in the 's. The font used for the VINs varied over the years.

Here are some photographs of serial numbers. When Was My Bike Produced?

Heading ⑤ (Engine Type):

The serial number was applied late in production, close to the factory door. Historian Jerry Hatfield researched monthly production figures at the Harley-Davidson archives, but found they varied "all over the place". Normal production scheduling required things to be made in batches. Sales might not have matched the factory's predictions, so they might have had to catch-up by increasing production of one model while slowing production of another. Harley's book, The Legend Begins , provides annual production figures. Dividing the total production by 12 months can give you a best-guess as to what month your bike was produced, but this will not be truly accurate.

Note: the K model was late to market. It was was unveiled for the first time to the dealers in Milwaukee at their November convention. This section is undergoing revision. The crankcase halves were cast, mated in pairs, line-bored for the crankshaft, and then numbered to ensure they remained a mated pair.


How to Tell a Harley's Engine Size

The same sequence number was stamped into each crankcase half. The numbers should match each other, but they will NOT match the serial number of the engine. The YY is the model year that the crankcase halves were mated. This is usually the same as the model year of the bike. However, if you have a very low motor serial number, your belly numbers may have a year code one year below the model year.

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In some years, the factory mated too many case sets, and then used them up early the following year. SSSS[S] is a four or five character numeric sequence number. We are actively researching this area. The important thing is that the belly numbers match, and the year code is plausible. Here are some photographs of belly numbers. Most K and Sportster frames have a date code stamped into the frame.

It is on the right side, in the area where the rear gas tank bolt goes through the frame — for the large tanks. On Ks and XLHs, it is under the right rear tank ear, so you can't see it with the tank on. On XLCH with the small tank, it can be seen with the tank on. The year code is the last digit of the calendar year the frame was produced. Frames were typically produced a month or two before they were used.

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So a low VIN number bike will have a date code from the previous year. See the Technical article on Frames for more information. FLH Police Std.

How to Decode a VIN for a Harley-Davidson

FLH Shrine chain. FLH Classic. FLT Classic FLH Classic Sidecar. FLH 80 Heritage. FLH Shrine belt. XLH Hugger. XLH DeLuxe. XLH Custom. XLH Sport. XLR Roadster.

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XL C Custom. XL L SuperLow. XL R Roadster. XL L Low.