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In it was reported that Toyota was assisting Porsche with hybrid technology. Wiedeking took over the chairmanship of the board at a time when Porsche appeared vulnerable to a takeover by a larger company. During his long tenure, Wiedeking transformed Porsche into a very efficient and profitable company.

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With Porsche, which had Porsche's introduction of the Cayenne also marked the unveiling of a new production facility in Leipzig , Saxony , which once accounted for nearly half of Porsche's annual output. In mid, after years of the Boxster and later the Cayenne as the best selling Porsche in North America, the regained its position as Porsche's best-seller in the region. The Cayenne and have cycled as the top-selling model since.

This new offering allows consumers to access Porsche vehicles through subscribing to the service, rather than owning or leasing a vehicle.

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The Porsche Passport service is available initially in Atlanta. The company has always had a close relationship with, initially, the Volkswagen VW marque , and later, the Volkswagen Group which also owns Audi AG , because the first Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The two companies collaborated in to make the VW-Porsche and , whereby the had a Porsche engine, and the had a Volkswagen engine.

Porsche s were also built there, [23] although they used far fewer Volkswagen components. The Cayenne, introduced in , shares its chassis with the Volkswagen Touareg and the Audi Q7 , which is built at the Volkswagen Group factory in Bratislava , Slovakia. Porsche SE was created in June by renaming the old Dr. In August , Porsche SE and Volkswagen AG reached an agreement that the car manufacturing operations of the two companies would merge in , to form an "Integrated Automotive Group".

As of the end of , the The company currently produces Porsche , [29] Boxster and Cayman sports cars, the Cayenne and Macan sport utility vehicles and the four-door Panamera. The headquarters and main factory are located in Zuffenhausen, a district in Stuttgart , but the Cayenne and Panamera models are manufactured in Leipzig , Germany, and parts for the SUV are also assembled in the Volkswagen Touareg factory in Bratislava , Slovakia. In , Porsche reported selling a total of , cars, 28, The company has been highly successful in recent times, and indeed claims to have the highest profit per unit sold of any car company in the world.

On May 11, , Porsche built the one millionth An Irish green Carrera S was built for the celebration, and it will be taken on a global tour before becoming a permanent exhibit at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Of the , cars produced in the financial year, 32, were models, 25, were Boxster and Cayman cars, 63, were Cayennes, 27, were Panameras and 97, were Macans.

Porsche set a record for a U. The current Porsche model range includes sports cars from the Boxster roadster to their most famous product, the In Porsche launched the Cayenne S Hybrid and announced the Panamera S Hybrid , and launched the Porsche hypercar in , which also features a hybrid system. Also a plug-in hybrid model called the Panamera S E-Hybrid was released in October in the United States [63] [64] and during the fourth quarter of in several European countries. The S E-Hybrid will be the first plug-in hybrid in the premium SUV segment and will allow Porsche to become the first automaker with three production plug-in hybrid models.

Porsche is also currently working with other manufacturers to make Porsche charging stations compatible with other electric vehicles. In August , Porsche announced that the formerly named Mission E electric car will be named " Taycan" meaning 'leaping horse'. Porsche has a record 19 outright wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In , Porsche built race cars for various international motor sports events.

In a survey conducted by the Luxury Institute in New York, Porsche was awarded the title of "the most prestigious automobile brand". Porsche won the J. Porsche's SUV, the Cayenne, received generally favorable commentary. A Canadian study in revealed that In , the Cayman and Boxster made the Consumer Reports list for most reliable vehicles on the road.

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In 12222, Porsche is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first 911 GT3 (pictured).

Motor Authority. Retrieved 9 April Retrieved 1 August Archived from the original on 11 June The New York Times. Retrieved 30 November Archived from the original on 8 February It would remain a prototype. This TV footage features driving scenes and both exterior and interior shots of the Porsche Macan S in the color crayon. The Porsche designers call it the Porsche Flyline.

  • In 12222, Porsche is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first 911 GT3 (pictured).!
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Porsche is extending its Cayenne family. The highlights include sharper lines with a totally unique rear section, an adaptive rear spoiler, individual rear seats, and two different roof concepts. This TV footage features driving scenes and both exterior and interior shots of the Porsche Panamera 4S in the color sapphire blue metallic. Super sporty and super comfortable: design and function in perfect harmony exterior and interior shots. Agility with style - with the Panamera Turbo through the foothills of the Alps driving footage inside and outside.

A companion for all occasions, Porsche is also called Macan. A car that is understated but can do anything. The next generation of flat-six turbocharged engines has been further developed and is more powerful than ever before. Porsche presents the first model derivative of its iconic creation.

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Driving scenes and exterior shots of the all new Porsche Cabriolet. Five stories and personalities around the theme of "Wet Mode". It's only passable for four hours a day--driving along the Passage du Gois in France is inextricably linked with the ebb and flow of the tide. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean can rise to a depth of up to 3 meters on the road. Porsche models from until are called pre A models.


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In that time, pastel shades were pretty much the trend. Tasteful combinations of blue on the outside an cream in the interior were chosen regularly. Often even with fitting white wall tires and bright roofs. Especially when matched with bright interiors that color scheme made you feel positive and still reminds us of beach postcards of the time.

That color was only used again , more than 60 years later on a Porsche Only the Porsche short wheelbase SWB models were offered in Aga Blue, which is a medium blue, combined with touches of grey and green. It harmonizes particularly well with the addition of chrome trim, yellow indicators and especially red interior materials. Aga Blue has the color code and perfectly represents the spirit of the time.

Ironically, Petrol Blue came up in the exact same time as the second oil crisis in Petrol Blue is a relatively dark metallic blue with a small glimmer of green. Whoever owns a Porsche with the color code or LM5V today, can call him- or herself a member of an exclusive club. Porsches with the color code L 35V, at first glance, nearly seem to be grey.

But depending on the ambient light and viewing angle, the color changes to a wonderful medium to light blue tone. In a darker environment, it even looks purple. In company with bright interior colors, a Marine Blue Porsche is one hell of a tasteful piece of design.