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In , the state of Missouri was created from the Missouri Territory. Statewide registration of births began in The counties have copies of these records.

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Certified Copies of Missouri Birth and Death Certificates

Missouri did not exist at this time and was known as Missouri Territory. Before , births were recorded by the county. If you cannot locate your ancestor in the databases below, try searching for birth information in other records. Limited births maybe found in the following databases. Try each link. If you do not find your ancestor's birth or if you want to order a copy of the certificate, then contact the Missouri Department of Health. With an exact date from your records or the index above , you can order a copy of the birth record for a fee from the following locations:.

Birth & Death Certificates | Cole County, MO

See list of restrictions for ordering birth records. If you do not want to order the birth record, you can search other records with birth information.

If you do not know the exact date or place of birth: The Missouri Department of Health office will do a 5 year search. To protect your privacy, the City of Independence has incorporated industry-standard secure server software Secure Socket Layers into sensitive sections of the web site.

Missouri adoptees fighting for better access to birth records

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Share this page:. As of May 1 birth, death certificates will no longer be provided by the City of Independence The City of Independence will no longer provide vital records birth and death certificates services effective May 1, Those relatives include: Wife Husband Son Daughter Mother Father Brother Sister Grandmother, Grandfather, Grandchildren Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew A guardian may receive a copy of the birth certificate of a child who is under their care or custody by showing guardianship papers Foster parents may receive a copy of a birth certificate of a child who is under their care and custody by showing a copy of their custody papers A stepparent may receive a copy of a birth record by stating that relationship A physician acting on behalf of the registrant or their family An authorized agent acting on behalf of the registrant or their family.

The authorized agent must produce a signed, notarized statement from the registrant or a member of their family authorizing the release of the record to the applicant. Others who demonstrate a direct and tangible interest when the information is needed for determination or protection of personal or property rights. Representative of heir-tracing companies under certain circumstances News media staff under certain circumstances Who may receive copies of death records?

All family members Genealogists representing family members Professionally recognized genealogists An attorney acting on behalf of the registrant or their family A physician acting on behalf of the registrant or their family An authorized agent acting on behalf of the registrant or their family.


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TDaP is required to enter the 8th grade in MO. You can get it for your child anytime after age