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Main article: United States Senate election in Kansas, Main article: Kansas gubernatorial election, The Atlantic. September 27, Is Greg Orman a liberal Democrat? Retrieved 11 May Justia Law. Retrieved The Washington Post.

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Jenkins, D. Tony Langston, Chicago, Ill. Mooreland, New York City, N. The late Mr.

Miss Myrtilla J. Attorney Harry C. Spaulding, Durham, N. Maggie L. Walker, Richmond, Va. Luke, and President of the St. Luke Bank. Miss H. Georgiana Whyte, Chicago, Ill. Finley Wilson, Washington, D. Carter G. Woodson, Washington, D. But the full credit, due for most of the Negro data references contained in this book, the author takes great pleasure in justly acknowledging and gratefully extending, through the Negro Year Book, to its Editor, Prof. Monroe N. William Henry Harrison, Jr. As the results of those and many other native Africans being later captured and forcibly brought to America, real slavery was finally started and spread so rapidly that there were about four million slaves in the United States by January 1, At that time all the slaves in the Rebel states were set free by the Emancipation Proclamation of President Abraham Lincoln, who was later murdered for that Godly act by one of his own race.

But today Abraham Lincoln is remembered in all civilized countries as one of the greatest among the greatest men the world has ever known; as the noblest president who has ever governed the United States and as the truest and most fair-minded white friend the Negro race has ever had. On December 18, the adoption of the 13th Amendment to The Constitution of the United States gave freedom to the remaining slaves who lived in the states that had not rebelled against the Union. Thus in these two legal ways, that were made possible by the Northern States winning the Civil War, were all the slaves in the United States of America set free.

But the large numbers of narrow-minded people, who then as now tried so hard to make themselves and others believe that Negroes were inferior human beings to themselves, put forth the explanation that the remarkable and rapid adjustments of the slaves to American surroundings were due to their childlike dispositions to imitate actions, to humbly obey orders and their great physical strength to do all kinds of hard work at all times under all conditions. Such people were entirely wrong in such ideas, just as all ill-meaning prejudiced ideas keep their owners wrong, mean and in the lowest stages of human society.

When men and women allow their minds to become poisoned with hateful, envious and jealous prejudice toward other people and refuse to have anything to do with them because they are Colored, they have and show just about as much greatness in good taste and good common-sense as if they were to refuse to puff on their favorite brand of Havana cigars or to nibble on one of Mr. Such narrow-minded actions do not make people great except in their own home-town little social circles. And when they leave home and go out into the world to mingle among well-cultured, highly educated and broad-minded people, prejudiced men and women soon find that their supposed greatness along side of, for instance, an Abraham Lincoln or a Harriet Beecher Stowe[A] is as large as a grain of sand is along side of a mountain.

But this point regarding the utter foolishness and ignorance of people showing race prejudice was much more ably and vividly brought out in one of Mr. Any race transferred to the Arctic Circle would do that or die. Ignorance despises the black skin and woolly hair of the African. Any white race transferred to the African tropics would develop such skin and hair, or it would die.

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An eagle cannot understand a turtle, or a turtle an eagle. And a cow, mildly grazing, cannot understand either. Every human being that despises another, no matter what the other may be, simply represents the animal expression of prejudice based on ignorance. Now the real truth, as to how those strange and friendless slaves were able to so readily adapt themselves to this country and so aptly adopt the methods and customs of the colonists, is that from mere force of habits they put into their everyday lives their inherited qualities of open-friendliness, big-heartedness, broad-mindedness, trustworthiness, constant-loyalty, quick-alertness, unbounded-patience, everready-forgivefulness and undying hopefulness.

And those black ancestors had passed to their suffering offsprings such full portions of the above named manhood and brotherhood principles that the slaves were able, as they pitifully and tearfully went back and forth to their body-torturing and spirit-crushing tasks, to shame, by their unspiteful and unrevengeful actions under such cruel treatments, just a little measure of their inherited virtues into the so-called civilized, educated and Christian white people who held them in bondage. And although those enslaved people were taught those good habits only as means for their selfish and greedy owners to enable themselves to get richer, nevertheless, the Colored people of to-day are glad and thankful that they are now able to turn to their own personal and racial advantages the industrial habits learned by their people in slavery.

On the other hand, Colored people will always be sorry and unthankful to those brute overseers and raping slave owners who so sinfully and beastfully forced upon and taught numerous and most harmful immoral vices to their slaves. And those soul-damning and life-sapping vices are still clinging to and leaving their marks on the rapidly advancing Colored people, just as the poison ivy clings to and mars the health and beauty of the young and tender acorn sprouts as they struggle upward to become future majestic oaks in the densely foliaged forests.

However, all of the white people in America at that time did not approve of or own slaves just as all of the white people in the United States today do not approve of nor take part in discriminating against respectable Colored people because they knew it was not right. They had the kind of Christianity that was real and pure enough to make their minds fully understand and their hearts to tenderly feel that slavery in its kindest manner is the worse sin against God and the greatest crime against humanity.

And it was this class of God-serving and fellowman-loving white men and women who secretly and in great danger of being caught and punished for the laws of the country forbid the educating of slaves taught the otherwise friendless people in bondage their first knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.

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When it is remembered that those African people were just a few years out of a land where the practices of their tribes for centuries had been to worship in a different religion; it is easily seen that the slaves were an unusual reasoning, sensible and broad-minded group of uncivilized people to have so quickly found the mistake in and so suddenly thrown aside their old and false religion and so readily accepted in its place the new and true Faith. During the two hundred and forty-four years of their bitter servitude those shackled people had learned to place so much faith and trust in their newly found religion that they felt sure God in his own wisdom, time and manner would hear and answer their usually silent and always heart-rending prayers for deliverance from slavery.

So as Southern heats washed briny sweat into their sun-dazed eyes, or Northern colds checked frozen blood from flowing through their veins; the hopeful prayers of the slaves, that they and their children might some day become free, were constantly offered up from the tobacco plantations of Virginia; from the cotton belts of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi; from the corn fields of Tennessee and Texas; from the rice swamps of South Carolina; from the orange groves of Florida; from the stone quarries of Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania; from the truck farms of Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey; from the turpentine forests of North Carolina; from the blue grass meadows of Kentucky; from the fishing banks of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island and from the cane-brakes of Louisiana.

Likewise, the Colored people of today, as they patiently and gradually draw themselves up and away from the slum and slime of slavery, are constantly sending up to Heaven from the east, the west, the north and the south points of this country their hopeful and earnest prayers that God in His mysterious way will convert and bring back to Christianity those prejudiced, heathenish and uncivilized members of the Caucasian race who persecute and discriminate against all darker races just on account of their progress.

As living witnesses and proofs that such prayers are already being duly heard and daily answered by God, the author will tell on the following pages of this book mainly for the inspiration of Colored boys and girls so that they will not lose confidence in themselves, trust in mankind and faith in God just a little of the remarkable progress and success made by the American Colored people during their fifty-eight years of freedom.

But the Negro youths who read these following pages should ever bear in mind that the members of their race who have climbed and mounted these rounds of success have only been able to do so through the guidance and care of God; through the unswerving determinations and ceaseless struggles on the part of themselves and through the hearty good-will and brotherhood helpfulness of the thousands of American white people who are today true and loyal friends of the American Colored people.

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E ven farther back than Colored freemen and slaves showed their braveness and fighting abilities by taking active parts in helping the white plantation owners to protect and preserve their homes from the justly aggrieved Indians. Around the above date and the period between the years and a series of Colonial and Indian wars took place. Included among these military operations were the French and Indian Wars in which many Negroes gave good accounts of themselves, foremost among them being Sam Jenkins and Israel Titus who showed unusual braveness under the commands of General Washington and Braddock.

A LTHOUGH such records cannot be found on the pages of the United States histories used in the American public schools, a trip to cultured Boston will enable one to read on the monuments in public squares and in the public libraries the name and facts about the glorious deeds of that pioneer Negro patriot, Crispus Attucks who fell as the first American martyr in the Boston Massacre of It is also in the Puritan records of New England where one may learn about Peter Salem, the Colored soldier who avenged the death of the first seven American martyrs at Lexington and Concord by slaying Major Pitcairn, the British officer who in company with his men charged against the Colonists at Bunker Hill.

It is understood that among those who received pensions at the close of the war were Cato Howe, A. Ames and T. Few know that it was a Colored man, Jordan Freeman, who timely and mortally received on his ready spear point the British officer, Major Montgomery as he daringly leaped, followed by his soldiers, over the walls of Griswold, an American fort. Later on in that same battle of the Colonists were over powered and compelled to surrender, whereupon the American leader, Ledyard, courteously handed his sword to the British officer in command. That unfair Englishman upon receiving the sword immediately thrust it up to the hilt through the body of Ledyard.

For that act of fidelity and patriotism, Lambo Latham received over thirty bayonet stabs from the enemy before he stopped fighting and gave his last breath for America and its white people who at that moment were denying their Colored slaves the same sweet freedom for which they were fighting to get from England. And during her entire service she successfully kept her moral purity by cleverly hiding from the officials and the soldiers the knowledge of her sex.

This in other words read her war record on a pension certificate granted to her after her honorable discharge from the army.

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And there were doubtless many other unrecognized but noble Negro women who entered numerous conflicts and gave their last drop of blood and lives in order that the white colonists might enjoy the freedom that their Colored brothers and sisters then saw no signs of ever receiving. There are few people who know that one of the main causes of The War of was on account of the British forcibly taking and compelling three Americans two Negroes and one Caucasian to sail under the English flag. That general not only noted that leadership rally but gave full credit and praise where it was due.

He also expressed gratefulness to the soldier of color whose ideas first suggested the successful use of bales of cotton for breastworks in fortifications. In the battles around New Orleans he looked with soldierly pride upon the splendid fighting of his black troops. So when in reciting these stirring words their iron-charged bloods suddenly gallop through their veins; their chests expand wide with national pride; their heads jerk erect with proud fighting spirits and their eyes sparkle bright with slumbering fires, such patriotic emotions have been unknowingly and involuntarily aroused in true American youths because of the loss of Colored blood and lives as well as of white in those lake battles.

Thus Colored fighters helped to end the foxy and wolfish Proctor-Tecumseh partnership that had annoyed and tormented for so long the American settlers on the Northern frontiers. If it were possible for General Santa Anna to bodily slip back to earth, personally mingle amid and chat with those of his soldier friends who are still living; it is more than likely that among the many things talked over they would seriously mention the fact of having caught many hasty glances of dark fighting faces under command of the American Generals Taylor and Scott who kept the Mexicans on a constant hop-step-and-a-jump around Vera Cruz, Buena Vista and other places in that section.