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If you have difficulty, you can call the Department of Corrections at to locate the inmate. You could also get in touch directly with the detention center to get your Dorchester County jail inmate search done. Access Corrections Make your deposit or payment today. In , the state leased two tracts of land near Raleigh for inmates to farm. Washington Street, Room E InmatesPlus has a large database of correctional facilities in the United States to help you find your inmate quickly and easily!

Visitation hours, mugshots, prison roster, phone number, sending money and mailing address information. Search Site. Illinois Department of Corrections manages and operates all the state prison in Illinois. Link to offender locator You can search the North Carolina Department of Corrections for prisoners if the option to search inmates online is available in NC.

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Paul, Minnesota Victims looking for inmate information please contact Victim Services at Madison County Sheriff's Department. Other government agencies associated with this agency are listed below. Returns offender information in a condensed easy to comprehend format. Virginia Inmate Search. You can search the inmate list by using the following pieces of information: First Name; Middle Initial; Last Name; Offender Number; Gender; Race; Ethnic Group; Birth Date; Age The Corrections Department in North Carolina also maintains low or no security residential settings and camps where inmates assist in state property maintenance and duties such as fighting fires.

Mailing Address: W. The Washington State Department of Corrections manages all state-operated adult prisons and supervises adult inmates who live in the community. Go to vermont. Makes corrections and adjustments as required to maintain accuracy of North Carolina Department of Corrections. You can search the California Department of Corrections for prisoners if the option to search inmates online is available in CA. Individuals, using a touch tone or cell phone, may call to access the Offender Locator system 24 hours a day.

Through the next 30, years the Department needed to respond to an almost tripling of the inmate population. Effective August 4, , an offender will be removed from the Offender Search Web Page one year after the completion of their custodial term. To inquire about an inmate call North Carolina Inmates.

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Records Division Except for actual and verifiable emergencies, such as a death or medical emergency of an immediate family member, messages for an inmate are not accepted and will not be given to the inmate. Learn more about eligibility for public benefits, programs and tax credits.

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Search for your inmate and their facility, get them lower inmate call rates. The Virginia Department of Corrections is a model correctional agency and a proven innovative leader in the profession. The state also oversees another 83, people on probation and 12, inmates on parole. Correctional Officers ensure the care, custody, and control of inmates. Your search should start with this locator first to see if your loved one is there.

Send Money. Phone: Fax: The trained professionals working for the ADC are committed to a safe, open and respectful organization, The WV Regional Jail Authority has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse. The system has a database that you can search and find an inmate. The following is public information. Think of the Georgia inmate finder as your dynamic link to the Georgia Department of Corrections website, and its Find an Offender tool, allowing you to search by inmate name, gender, race, age and most recent institution.

Some of the forms that you will encounter will want an exact name or Department Of Corrections number. NC DOC is typically responsible for over , offenders, including those currently incarcerated and those on probation or parole. This includes a listing of felonies for which an offender is serving time.

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Correctional Facilities. If you go to the Prison Directory Page, click on the name of the prison you are interested in note the columns on the left and right of the page with the prisons listed alphabetically and you will find a lot of information such as: South Carolina Department of Corrections SCDC is the link you need to all the inmate databases in South Carolina.

Inmate Data for South Carolina. A powerful, high-speed search of North Carolina state and county criminal records databases containing data from sources such as statewide repositories, local county information, department of corrections, sex offender registries and Administration of Courts records. This information is made available for purposes of protecting the public, for keeping them informed and for allowing them to take proactive measures to ensure safety in their communities. Select a state to view arrests we've collected or perform inmate search.

The information on this service is provided as a voluntary service to promote communication between the DOC and the public by allowing computerized access History. Please click the link to access the offender locator. Tennessee Felony Offender Search Mobile App This free app lets you search for felony offenders who are, or who have been, in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Correction. The North Carolina Department of Corrections offers an online searchable database, whereby inmate searches can be performed by name, date of birth, or ID number.

When making an inquiry, be sure to provide the inmate details such as name or ID number or birthdate correctly. NCDOC has nearly as many prison units listed with facilities spread across the state. More about corrections in North Carolina There are counties in North Carolina, most with jails of thier own operated by the Sheriff's Department. Working within the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Correction Enterprises provides the state's inmates with opportunities to learn job skills by producing goods and services for the Department of Public Safety and other tax-supported entities.

North Carolina Department of Corrections Inmate. Therefore, the fastest way to locate a prisoner is to call at and communicate with a jail staff. The majority of inmates in North Carolina prisons are felons. For the purposes of this website it also includes prisoners under the jurisdiction of the Maine Department of Corrections that are housed in other locations, to include: county jails, other states, and federal facilities. Find an inmate. Welcome to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office information portal.

The Department of Corrections also does not engage in the transfer of inmates to other states for the purposes of family reunification. Find the current location of an inmate in DOC custody, along with basic case information. Note: Not for inmates in police, state, or federal custody. The Idaho Department of Correction offender search database provides information about offenders currently under IDOC jurisdiction: those incarcerated, on probation or on parole.

A person has been sentenced to a year or more and is awaiting transfer to the North Carolina Department of Corrections to serve that online inmate search. For last name search, We recommend that you provide more than two letters to narrow the search. The table below contains estimates for prisoners in South-carolina. Lookup an inmate in Illinois state prisons. North Carolina Criminal Database Search. Virginia has greatly reduced the use of restrictive housing, commonly referred to as segregation, in recent years. Released Sex Offender Search View information about released sex offenders that currently reside in Alabama.

Custody and Supervision. George, SC Step 2: Enter inmate name, id, age, gender and date of birth in the required fields. View inmate and mugshot information for inmates that are currently booked in Metro Corrections. If you want to visit an inmate at an Illinois correctional facility, read this first. In addition to the inmate lookups are mailing addresses, links to the Sheriff's Offices, county jail statistics, and detailed crime rates for the region. View Alert Details. Link to offender locator 'A' and 'R' denote male inmates, with the vast majority of male inmates using 'A' prefix.

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Alaska Inmate Finder Information. Inmates, probationers, parolees, both current and past. Inmates sentenced as Youthful Offenders are not included in this search.

Department of Corrections Agency of Human Services. In , the Coos County Department of Corrections has a daily inmate population around You can lookup their information by ID or by first and last name. Step 3: On the next page you can see list of all inmate matching your criteria. Arrest Record Search. If you find a problem or missing link in the North Carolina inmate locator section, please report it so we can update it and help our viewers locate the inmates they are trying to find. This database contains public information on felony offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections.

This application provides charge, sentence, and bond information regarding individuals currently detained at the Pitt County Detention Center.

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Georgia Inmate Finder Information. Family and friends of offenders assigned to the custody of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections -- Corrections Services can locate the offender by calling the Offender Locator. This search can be used to retrieve public information about adult offenders who have been committed to the Commissioner of Corrections, and who are still under jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections i.

The AIS number is the unique six-digit number assigned to each inmate incarcerated by the ADOC and represents the quickest way to find a particular inmate.