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Are you in another country and need official documents for immigration purpose?

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Read More. Nadra Birth Certificate. A Birth Certificate for Pakistani Nationals is actually the evidence of the birth of a child. The term "birth certificate from Pakistan" can refer to either the original document or a certified copy of or representation of the original record of birth.

Requirements to get Non Availability of Birth Certificate in Pakistan:

Depending upon the case, there are 2 kinds of Birth Certificates. Birth Certificate Reissuance. Lost your birth certificate?

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Facing difficulty in Passport renewal? Need assistance in getting the birth Certificate reissuance or new Birth Certificate issuance Ab Koi Fikar Nahi Marriage Certificate. Marriage Certificate is an official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony.

NABC Non Availability of Birth Certificate In Dehradun

Marriage Certificate is required in most cases for visa purposes and is imperative for changing maiden name etc. To help our Pakistani friends living outside the country obtain marriage certificate with minimal hassles, MamooInPakistan offers fast and efficient Marriage Certificate facilitation service in Pakistan Nikkah Nama Issuance. Unmarried or Bachelorhood Certificate.

An affidavit on stamp paper of Pakistan written and signed by your close relatives, for example, Father, Mother, Brother or Sister. People tend to ignore the significance of this document and realize their ignorance when their passport application or visa is denied on account of no proof of birth. What are the steps you can take at that moment? How to get unregistered birth after years?

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  7. If you too are facing this problem, read this blog as it provides answers to all your queries regarding birth registration. Getting a birth certificate from municipal office in India is a cumbersome task for a lot of us. The registrar of civil agency turns down the application.

    How Can an NRI Get Birth Certificate - NABC in India?

    However, this is not something you need to be perturbed about. It can be taken care of by getting an NABC, standing for non-availability of the birth certificate. However, the evidence of the original proof of birth could not be traced. You can use this document as a license to get a new birth certificate. This document can then be used to register the unregistered birth. There can be instances when it would not make sense to reach out to any of these authorities, such as in situations:. As a proof, the person must have the letter of jail or incharge in case of the vehicle. These witnesses can be people who are your friends, family members or relatives. Direct Method: It is an old yet sought-after procedure to withdraw proof of birth.

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    You need to visit your nearby MC office and make a request to the Registrar or the Health officer. Browse the website of the MC of your state.

    How to Fill Non Availability of Birth Certificate form by NRI

    To access their web services, you are required to register. To do so, you need a voter card or Aadhar card. Once the registration is complete, you can access online services.