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Plainfield Teacher's College was a mythical institution created as a hoax by a duo of college football fans in The phony college's equally nonexistent football team had its scores carried by major newspapers including The New York Times before the hoax was discovered. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in New Jersey. The Queen City [1]. Map of Plainfield in Union County.

Accessed March 20, Accessed May 21, Accessed September 4, Accessed May 6, Accessed August 1, Accessed October 8, Geographic Names Information System. United States Geological Survey. Retrieved March 11, Accessed April 10, Accessed January 6, Retrieved July 18, Accessed December 3, Accessed October 26, Accessed September 7, Accessed August 5, Accessed August 6, Accessed September 20, United States Government Printing Office , Accessed September 11, Accessed July 11, Harberger of New York City The Nathaniel Drake House is significant for its architecture and how the evolution of the building reflects the changes within Plainfield from an early colonial settlement to a modern suburb, its association with the Drake family, who were prominent early settlers in the region, as well as its association with General George Washington during the Battle of Short Hills.

Accessed August 26, Accessed April 26, McGreevey to move out of Drumthwacket, the governor's mansion in Princeton, his new home in Plainfield has gardens designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, a circular driveway and a housecleaner who arrived on Tuesday driving a white Mercedes-Benz. Negro high-school boy from Plainfield, N.

Worn down by the two-day competition in the Olympics' most demanding test, Decathlon Man Milton Campbell gave World Champion Bob Mathias a congratulatory backslap, then flopped on a cot. Retrieved April 18, Accessed July 29, Sugrue and Andrew M. Goodman, Journal of Urban History, vol. But because white flight had dramatically accelerated, real school integration between blacks and whites was difficult to achieve. Between and , blacks' share of Plainfield's population grew from 40 percent to 60 percent. Isaiah Tremaine Books. Accessed August 4, Accessed March 2, Potter and company, The American cyclopaedia: a popular dictionary of general knowledge, Volume 13 , p.

A compendium of the ninth census, , p.

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United States Census Bureau , Accessed June 28, Accessed June 10, Then there were the structural problems. Archived from the original on March 29, The story of the Del Larks revolves around the extensive music careers of two individuals; Sammy. Campbell and Ron Taylor. William H. Chicago Tribune. Yesterday's event drew singers, about people shy of the record. Accessed December 22, Accessed January 3, Archived from the original on March 14, Archived from the original on March 27, Benjamin of Plainfield makes his directorial debut with the film A Time for Finesse, the score for which was written by his son, Jameel, also known as the rapper Base.

Retrieved May 6, Plainfield View. Union News Daily.


Accessed August 14, Accessed August 3, Accessed May 30, Accessed May 22, Accessed January 26, United States Senate. Accessed April 17, Accessed January 22, Accessed July 3, Green served 26 years in the assembly. Accessed May 5, New Jersey Department of Elections. January 29, Retrieved December 24, Accessed July 14, Accessed November 5, Accessed December 29, Accessed September 5, Accessed April 22, Accessed July 18, Accessed November 16, The Drake House Museum in Plainfield notes that the main station building was designed and built in in the Richardsonian Romanesque style by noted railroad architect Bradford Gilbert.

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Accessed February 4, Retrieved July 17, Asbury Park Press. February 24, May 9, Accessed June 15, Accessed June 3, Accessed May 13, On the spur of the moment, he decided to call The New York Times and said, 'I want to report a score Plainfield Teachers 21 his secretary was from Plainfield … Regency Accessed January 15, Newburger told him that Plainfield Teachers College had beaten Winona, Rosenthal said.

Newburger said yes. The name had settled in his mind because his secretary was from Plainfield, N. Accessed June 25, Chicago: Marquis Who's Who. Accessed December 30, New York City. Accessed September 12, Backer" , National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Accessed September 21, Feral House , When I was about seven, my parents got divorced, and I moved in with my mom and sister in Plainfield, New Jersey. A private service will be held. Buddy was born in Plainfield, N. Accessed February 5, Blume had gotten her bachelor's degree in education from New York University in , was married and raising her son, Larry, and her daughter, Randy, and living in Plainfield and later Scotch Plains, that she started to commit her stories and characters to paper, cramming writing sessions in while the children were at preschool and at play.

Bramnick , New Jersey Legislature. You grew up in Piscataway and Plainfield, NJ.


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I believe that pianist Bill Evans grew up in that area. AB: Yes, in Plainfield. Williams Press, Accessed November 9, Bronston, Democrat-Liberal, was born in Plainfield, N.

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He attended Plainfield High School and was graduated magna cum laude with an A. Accessed December 25, Accessed October 17, Carter D , New Jersey Legislature.

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Grant Miller Library Digital Archives. Virginia then raised in Potters Crossing — Edison, N. Chironna was born on July 4, , in Plainfield, N. Accessed January 2, Accessed November 14, November 17, According to Davis, many of those who attended Plainfield High School with him failed to move on to college and instead ended up involved either in jail or, worse, dead.

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  4. Accessed July 23, Accessed December 10, Accessed November 6, Accessed December 13, Haines -- a Plainfield native who now lives in Monmouth County -- researched tapes and noted that when Mr. Greenspan, the head of the Federal Reserve, carried a fat briefcase to the meetings, interest rates rose; a thin briefcase indicated lower rates. Bret Harte: Prince and Pauper , p. University Press of Mississippi , Accessed October 9, "Her Savannah classmates are not surprised. While Johnson now lives in Plainfield, N.

    Accessed October 18, Now Jones is looking to make a return to the baseball diamond, where he last played for Plainfield High School. Accessed December 20, That is, if you consider his hometown - Plainfield, N. The opera star whose family name was Tillotson is a graduate of the local high school and has been a guest of Mr.

    Albert L. Coddington of Sheridan Avenue. Accessed November 21, Marshall, a native of Plainfield, N. Junior National Team. The son of Adeline and James B. Martin, a trolley conductor, Jack played baseball at Plainfield High School and for the town's amateur clubs. Accessed April 16, And Where Not To Look.

    When he was 8, his family moved to a chicken farm west of Delray Beach.

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    Accessed September 30, McDonough was a lifelong resident of Plainfield and was a champion high school swimmer. Moore was one of two daughters of Henry and Lovinia Burton Eilers. James S.

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    Negley In Plainfield. Treasury Mobile Business Solutions Manage your state filings from the palm of your hand. NJ Snap-Ed Making health food choices on a limited budget can be tough State Government. New Jersey Government. Governor Judiciary Legislature. State Transparency.