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Sometimes the prosecutor still files criminal charges, or charges have already been filed and an arrest warrant issued. Even here, we can still help avoid an embarrassing situation getting arrested at work, for example. Moreover, we can bring you directly to the court that issued the warrant Judges have heard every type of excuse possible If you go alone to turn yourself in, you will most likely be immediately taken to jail. However, criminal defense attorneys who have experience with California warrants know what arguments and evidence are most successful in persuading judges to permit an O.

In many cases, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to have the warrant cleared before any punishment or penalties attach. This action is commonly referred to as having the warrant "recalled and quashed". Unfortunately, most of the laws that regulate warrants involve legal "technicalities" that make it difficult to obtain an outright dismissal of your charges. That said, if you believe that you have been wrongly arrested on an illegal warrant, or that your arrest warrant was illegally executed, it is possible to have your charges either reduced or dismissed An illegal arrest or execution will not, in and of themselves, entitle you to a dismissal.

For example, if your arrest warrant was issued without a "probable cause declaration", you could still be held on criminal charges. However, your California arrest warrants defense attorney would argue that any evidence that was obtained following that illegal arrest should be excluded from trial. Similarly, if your warrant was illegally executed for example, the police arrested you outside of the permissible hours or didn't put you before a judge within the required timeframe , your case would not automatically be "thrown out".

But , if your attorney could convince the judge that the officer's misconduct was unjust or prejudicial to your case, you would have the leverage to negotiate a more favorable plea bargain. The bottom line is this -- if you can get enough evidence excluded even if the exclusion is only based on "technicalities" , your chances of having your charges reduced or dismissed increase dramatically. There is another challenge known as a " writ of habeas corpus ".

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If you have been wrongfully arrested a case of mistaken identity, for example and taken into custody following the warrant's execution, your California criminal warrant lawyer may file a writ of habeas corpus on your behalf. Simply put, this writ alerts the judge that you believe you have been illegally incarcerated If you or a loved one is given an arrest warrant and you are looking to hire an attorney for representation, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group.

We can provide a free consultation in office or by phone. For information on Colorado arrest warrants, go to our page on Colorado arrest warrants. For information on Nevada arrest warrants, go to our pages on Nevada arrest warrants and the Nevada definition of arrest. See also California Vehicle Code It shall also state the time of issuing it, and the city or county where it is issued, and shall be signed by the magistrate, judge, justice, or other issuing authority issuing it with the title of his office and the name of the court or other issuing agency.

See also People v. Sesslin, 68 Cal. Dyke, Cal.

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Steagald v. United States U. A search warrant is required under such circumstances to protect the rights of the homeowner. Sanford, Cal.

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People v. Stewart Cal. Officer Fesler was aware of a teletype warrant for defendant's arrest, and he had also checked defendant's record at the police department, all of which is information from official channels. Furthermore, the requirement of immediate display of a warrant, with the necessity of possession of the warrant, was abolished by a amendment to Penal Code section The basis for this determination shall be specifically stated. Carey, 17 Cal. Jess, 27 Cal. If the hour period expires at a time when the court in which the magistrate is sitting is in session, the arraignment may take place at any time during that session.

However, when the defendant's arrest occurs on a Wednesday after the conclusion of the day's court session, and if the Wednesday is not a court holiday, the defendant shall be taken before the magistrate not later than the following Friday, if the Friday is not a court holiday. If the defendant is arrested in another county, the officer must, without unnecessary delay, inform the defendant in writing of his right to be taken before a magistrate in that county, note on the warrant that he has so informed defendant, and, upon being required by defendant, take him before a magistrate in that county, who must admit him to bail in the amount specified in the endorsement referred to in Section a, and direct the defendant to appear before the court or magistrate by whom the warrant was issued on or before a day certain which shall in no case be more than 25 days after such admittance to bail.

If bail be forthwith given, the magistrate shall take the same and endorse thereon a memorandum of the aforesaid order for the appearance of the defendant, or, if the defendant so requires, he may be released on bail set on the warrant by the issuing court, as provided in Section b of this code, without an appearance before a magistrate.

If the warrant on which the defendant is arrested in another county does not have bail set thereon, or if the defendant arrested in another county does not require the arresting officer to take him before a magistrate in that county for the purpose of being admitted to bail, or if such defendant, after being admitted to bail, does not forthwith give bail, the arresting officer shall immediately notify the law enforcement agency requesting the arrest in the county in which the warrant was issued that such defendant is in custody, and thereafter such law enforcement agency shall take custody of the defendant within five days, or five court days if the law enforcement agency requesting the arrest is more than miles from the county in which the defendant is held in custody, in the county in which he was arrested and shall take such defendant before the magistrate who issued the warrant, or before some other magistrate of the same county.

Casaus, Cal. Lee Nam Chin, Cal. That he believes himself to be innocent does not alter the fugitive status, which is achieved by his refusal to submit to judicial process.

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Bail is basically a deposit with the court. Think of it as a payment of your ticket in advance. Once the case is resolved, the money is either used to pay the fine or is refunded. A lot of times people will say they never got the notice in the mail. However, this does not make a difference as a person has already signed a promise to appear in court when they are ticketed. This happens at the point of the ticket. When you are issued a ticket you and you sign the ticket then you are making a promise that you will appear in court.

When you fail to show up in court then you will expose yourself to. People do not live at the same address and may not get their warrants if it was for a crime they committed and there was no citation signed.

You need to show up for court no matter what. When you get pulled over for a ticket you must appear. If not you will be the proud receipient of another Orange County Bench Warrant. Regardless of whether you agree with the ticket or not, you must show up in court. You signed a ticket which is also a promise to appear in court.

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A lot of people will say they did not get the notice to appear in court. In fact, going with this line of logic will only show to the court that you are irresponsible and only annoy them. Orange County Bench Warrant is very common for not showing up in court.

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People get them more often. Most of the time people get them because they are too busy to deal with a ticket. Other times Orange County Bench Warrant are the result of people who are too upset about the ticket so they decide they do not want to deal with it and it will go away Like Bills.

follow link However, unlike bills tickets do not go away. Nobody likes to be stood up on a date. Courts are no different, except they can issue a warrant for your arrest if you do not show up. The bottom line is that the courts do not like to be stood up and if you stood up the court, chances are you will need a Bench Warrant Attorney on your side to clean things up. You have Options at your disposal. At this moment, there has been a criminal proceeding that has started against you in the court of law.

You can ignore the warrant. If you do this then you will ignore the warrant at your own risk. There will come a day when you are out and you will have police contact you. When this day comes, the police will take you in for your case. However there is always a reason behind the warrant. The reason behind the Orange County Bench Warrant is just as important to deal with as well.

This option is not recommended. This will lower your risk of being taken in. It is impossible to take a person in who is not in court. The worst scenario in this case is that you will be ordered in to be taken in, but at least you will know that you are being taken in and you will have time to prepare and such preparation may include making arrangements for owed jail time or getting a bail bondsman ready at your disposal. Bench warrants can also be issued to witnesses who fail to show up to court after being lawfully served with a subpoena.

Search warrants do not mandate an arrest of an individual. Instead, a search warrant allows law enforcement to search your property. The process entails law enforcement gathering evidence, such as witness statements, information gained through confidential informants, or physical evidence, and submitting an affidavit to a judge for a signature. In other words, police turn over the information gained through their investigation to a judge for review to determine whether there exists probable cause to search your property. There are several formalities that must be followed that could affect the validity of the warrant.

Consequently, a skilled warrant attorney may be able to set aside the warrant and suppress all the evidence gained through the unlawful search. Contrary to popular belief, a warrant cannot be recalled and quashed by mail or a telephone call to the court. Instead, the only way to recall a warrant is to appear in court. In certain instances, a lawyer may be able to recall the bench warrant without the presence of the defendant.

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In felony cases, your appearance is mandatory. Our office ordinarily structures your surrender with a bail company first prior to surrender. This ensures that if the judge imposes a bail amount, the bail company can post the bond immediately without you being taken into custody.