Nebraska fast track teaching credential program

The rigorous process for certification and licensing ensures that teachers meet certain standards in their subject areas, pass required background checks for the age groups they teach, and are up to speed in accepted teaching methods. Use our map or drop-down lists to find your state and begin learning about requirements.

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If you are already a teacher but are moving to another state, you may be happy to learn that transferring teaching certificates between states is often possible. Many states have reciprocity agreements that make it easier for teachers licensed in one state to become certified in another. Currently, more than 40 states have reciprocity agreements with at least one other state; however, many consider this transfer only provisional. A teaching credential is a license conferred by a state agency to teachers who have completed certain state-mandated requirements, such as education courses and student teaching experience , and have passed additional state-mandated teaching examinations.

Each state sets its own requirements for teacher certification, and there is no guarantee that a certification in one state will be accepted in another state. Teachers may earn a credential that allows them to teach either certain subject matter or a specific grade level.

The type of teaching credential you pursue will depend on your interests as well as the options and requirements set by your state Department of Education. Elementary school teaching credentials are for generalists, which means the teacher can teach a variety of subjects. Middle school teachers can be generalists, or they can specialize in the specific subjects they plan to teach.

The following list shows typical grade levels covered by different certifications:. They do this by getting teacher certification for secondary school and adding one or more subject area endorsements. Endorsements qualify middle school and high school teachers to teach subjects that are not covered in their teaching credential.

Generally an undergraduate major meets the requirement of a teaching endorsement. However, you can also qualify for an endorsement by taking specific courses and exams.

Postbaccalaureate Certificate

Secondary teacher certification may look like the following:. Some teaching careers are more subject-focused than age-focused. For instance, reading specialists , speech therapists and school counselors can easily work with students from kindergarten to twelfth grade in a single week, depending on the structure of the school district. To meet the needs of these teachers, certification is also often available by subject area, without a focus on a certain age group. Some of these teacher certifications are as follows:.

The NBPTS currently offers 25 certificate options that cover multiple subject areas and grade levels. All states recognize national certification and many states and school districts provide special benefits to teachers holding national certification such as higher salaries. Not everyone can apply to become nationally certified. There are special situations to consider as you pursue your teaching degree and research certification. Here are some common situations and alternative paths that may allow you to get your certification or licensing quickly, on a temporary basis, or teach without going through the whole certification process.

However, if you think that accelerated certification is a quick fix for obtaining a teaching certificate, think again. These programs tend to be very intensive and require students to be fully dedicated. Charter schools are independent public schools, each governed by a public board of trustees that has the authority to hire teachers according to their own established standards. In some states, charter schools can hire teachers regardless of state certification requirements.

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In other states, charter schools are like other public schools and are held to the same state requirements to hire only certified teachers. On the other hand, private schools are not regulated by state government and can set their own standards. While some private schools require teachers to be certified, many do not.

Contact individual schools to learn whether they require teacher certification. Because of critical teacher shortages, some states extend temporary and emergency teacher licensing that bypasses state licensing requirements. Becoming a teacher is the perfect outlet for using your skills and strength. In addition to producing outstanding graduates in the field of teaching, the College of Education is home to exciting new programs like sports administration, recreation, exercise science, athletic training, travel and tourism, and more.

Students who meet the qualifications to start the TCP are also eligible to be hired by a Nebraska public school to start teaching in their endorsement area. See below for the endorsements endorsements are what you would like to teach offered in the TCP. Click into each one for detailed program information. Courses that you have already taken may be eligible to be substituted into your education program. Field Endorsement F - two or more subjects which, considered as a single area of study, represent a wider and broader scope than that of a subject. Subject Endorsement S - a specific course or narrow range of courses taught and offered in a school.

You may enroll in the TCP in one of the endorsements below either with or without an employment offer from a school to teach in the endorsement area:. Follow the steps below to determine if you qualify. NOTE: Please be aware that some misdemeanor and felony convictions can prevent applicants from participating in a UNK Teacher Education program and obtaining a Nebraska teaching certificate. If you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction, even if it occurred many years ago or has been set aside, please contact Jenny Jansky , Certification Officer, for more information.

New Career Opportunity: Fast Track to Teaching Credential

Please read before requesting a transcript review: You may request a transcript review if you meet at least one of the following conditions: 1 an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3. If you do not meet one of the first two conditions above you may take the Praxis Core tests, which are required for all teachers in Nebraska. For more information, visit www.

Transition to Teaching Program Information – Nebraska Department of Education

Request your scores be sent to UNK, recipient code Submit Request for Transcript Review form. The completion of this form does not admit you to the program, nor does it authorize your transcripts to be sent automatically. Have official transcripts , sent by each institution from which you have received college credit, to:. After you receive your Program of Study via email, the TCP Director will notify you with the results of the transcript review. See Program Admission Requirements below.

Wendy McCarty , , for enrollment instructions. Field experience includes:. Depending on previous academic work completed, there may be additional coursework required in the specific endorsement area of choice. Additional courses required will be indicated on a program of study that will be mailed to you after your transcripts have been reviewed. Arrangements will be made for participants to complete their field experience hours in their local or nearby school districts.

Program participants who are already employed by a school district will complete their field experience and student teaching in the district in which they are employed. Service-learning hours, which include working with adolescents inside or outside of the classroom, are included in the total number of field experience hours required.

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Once you qualify, you would be eligible to enroll in the next available section of TE Remember, we strongly suggest that you pass the Praxis Core tests before taking classes; request your scores be sent to UNK score recipient code Students pursuing initial certification must be formally admitted into our Teacher Education Program.