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Deliver the Oracle to Brucie's and you'll pass the Mission. Now, check that all three Lustered Black Vehicles are there, alive and haven't despawned. If you've done this, huge congratulations, as this is one of the hardest tasks in IV! If you want my advice, get one at a time for each Save that you do, so you'll only have to push one Vehicle to the South Bohan Parking Spot for each Save, and so you won't need to reload so often to get all three Vehicles to have a nice and Special Luster.

So it's EC2 in terms of the Color Combination. The only Luster which makes this Vehicle not really Special is the Black Poly Luster, which makes the Vehicle look like it doesn't have any Luster on it. In short words, just get a Luster which looks good, which is Colored and which doesn't make the Sultan look like it doesn't have any Lusters. Also make note that very often, more times than not, the Luster will be Black Poly, thus you'll need to reload a lot of times. Like already said, any Colored Luster that you get on it, makes it Special. Be very, very careful about this NRG as it can sometimes trick you.

There are two Lusters which makes this NRG useless if you obtained it with them. So avoid these two Luster Colors. It's also possible to get all three at the same time. For the Turismo Information, check out 3. To obtain these Vehicles, start the Mission No. Don't drive too quickly when you get to Huntington Street at the Cerveza Heights Area, unless they start getting really close to you, then speed up a bit.

When you get to Montauk Avenue then it'll be a simple straight drive to the Finish Line. Get into the Finish Checkpoint when a Vehicle is right behind you and make sure to finish in 1st Place. Now, drive back and see if the SuperGT and Turismo are still there. If they're not there, reload and try again.

If you're pushing both of them, make sure that the Luster on the Turismo is Special and won't make the Vehicle just EC2, push both of them to the Parking Spot simultaneously, making sure that you keep the Camera on both of them during the Pushing procedure. Once you push them there and once it's on the Parking Spot, drive Brucie back to his Place. To obtain it with Fail, start No. You need to get the Driver to exit, since Parking Spots don't recognize Vehicles with Pedestrians inside them.

Then drive a Block away and come back. The SuperGT will have its Doors unlocked and will be stored. In the Video, you will see the other Race Vehicles vanishing, eventhough the Camera is looking at them, this is what usually happens on the PS3 Version. Vehicles can disappear for no reason even when looking at them, so be careful when pushing this Special Vehicle to the Parking Spot.

The Invisible EC2 is Black. However, you can only determine if the Luster on your obtained Turismo is Special or not using Save Editors, as the Bright Yellow Body Color makes the Lusters almost invisible and indistinguishable from each other, so it's barely even a Special Vehicle at all.

GTA IV-TBOGT Hidden Vehicle Positions (Don't Always Spawn [PC, PS3, Xbox 360])

So I suggest getting the second one. So whatever you do, don't get the Purple Luster or No Visible Luster on this Stallion, if you get these, reload and start the Mission again until you get a Special Luster. After the Cutscene, follow him like how you normally would and don't get near him or else the Mission will fail. Drive away and the Mission will fail for leaving the Deal Area. Now simply kill the Gang Members to pass the Mission.

It also has a random Traffic Color on it.

Once you've done it, get to the Vantage Point. Make sure you kill him and not just injure him or else he will escape with the Oracle without Medallion. Now, simply go down the Fire Escape Stairs and drop down on the Road. At this point, get a Vehicle and push the Oracle without Medallion to your Bohan Parking Spot and have it stored there.

You need to push it as it's an Unjackable Vehicle. Once it's parked there, drive around the Block and come back to the Parking Spot, so it won't be Unjackable anymore. Get in it with Playboy X and drive it to the Parking Spot to store it. Just simply pass the Mission, so get to the Location where Johnny is, do the Shootout Part and then simply lose the Cops. Then, drive Playboy X to his Place to pass the Mission. Algonquin will be unlocked after this Mission and you can now use the two Parking Spots on Algonquin for more Storage without having to worry about the 6 Star Wanted Levels.

You need to go back to the Parking Spot to check it, because if you don't then there is a chance that it might disappear upon saving and reloading. Now, don't go to the Doctor to pass the Mission, instead try to open the Trunk and then have the two Bodies fall off from the Trunk by crashing the Vehicle at a Wall or by jumping off from the Highway on Charge Island.

To get both of them, start the Mission Deconstruction for Beginners. This makes it the easiest Special Vehicle in the whole GTA Series as you literally don't need to do anything for it to get it, not even touch it. Once you've done that, go back to Playbox X and finish the Mission like normal by killing the Lookouts and Union Leaders there.

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It would be Special, but it's less Special of what can be obtained in this Mission, so I suggest avoiding the Lusters which aren't Visible. If you get any Colored Luster on it, it's Special so do not worry.

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Video by Lethal Vaccine 4. The American Flag Decal on them is randomized. Get a random Traffic Vehicle or run on foot to the Basketball Courts as instructed, but don't get into the Yellow Marker just yet.

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Once you've done that, go back to the Basketball Courts. Get one and simply store it at a Safehouse Parking Spot. Then go back, get the other Patriot and store it too. When all four Vehicles are stored, go to the Yellow Marker and simply pass the Mission. Once the Mission is passed, go back to your Parking Spots to check on all your Special Vehicles that they're stored to confirm them. But don't worry, any Luster you get on it is Special.

Liberty City Customs V1.2

The American Flag Decal is randomized for those Patriots. The Dark Silver one is the one placed East of the Basketball Court, or in other words behind it from where you arrive.

It's very hard to spot the difference between the EC Hellfury and the normal Metallic Red Hellfury, even in direct comparison. Any Luster you get on it is fine. At this point, either spare or kill Cherise, I suggest sparing her so you can do a Random Encounter Mission for her later on. Now, drive to Cluckin' Bell using the Hellfury to meet Dwayne there.

Park the Hellfury outside of Cluckin' Bell and then get in it to pass the Mission.

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You must be careful for the Lusters though, any Luster is Special except for the Black Luster, which in other words is no Luster at all, invisible from the Body Color. Just avoid the Lusters that can't be seen. All Lusters are Special except for the Black Luster, so avoid that one at all costs. Now drive to the Location where the Dealer is. If you don't like the Luster on it or if it's not a Special Luster, reload and start the Mission again. At this moment, get in the Lustered Black Dukes and then get out of it, so the Game will mark it as Niko's last driven Vehicle and it won't vanish.

After that, walk up the Stairs and lure the Dealer to the Window so you can kill him with the Sniper Rifle.

GTA 4 Cheats: Weapons, Armor, Health and More

After he's dead and the Mission gets passed, go down onto the Street and get back in the Lustered Black Dukes. Now simply park it at your Parking Spot and have it stored there. So if you want, you can avoid those to have a far more Special Sentinel. Check his E-Mails on his Computer as instructed and then drive to the Location where he meets up with Vasily. As soon as the Cutscene ends, immediately aim at his Head using your Drive-By Weapon while he drives off and shoot him dead which will pass the Mission. If it's done quick enough, while he turns right, his dead body should fall out of the Lustered Black Sentinel with EC Black Rims and the Door should remain open which will allow you to get into it and drive it to a Safehouse Parking Spot.

You need to have his Body out of the Sentinel, because if you store the Sentinel with his Body then the Sentinel will disappear. You need to have Oleg's Body fall out no matter what if you want to keep this Special Vehicle. All in all, you just got to be lucky to Drive-By kill Oleg quickly so that you can enter the Sentinel and just park it at the Safehouse Parking Spot.