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They also have ideas to put on art exhibitions. They also sell mobile speakers, music biography books, t-shirts, tote bags, greetings cards,.

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East London record shops. East London until just a few years ago had no record shops other than the big hitter, Rough Trade East. In the last 3 or 4 years and particularly in the last year there has been a boom of record shops opening up in the Hackney area in particular. There are 11 that we know of but there may be more!

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Most of these shops can be walked to from one to the other in a day and they are some of London's best. Opening hours: Every day 11am — 7pm. Nearest station - Hackney Central. The shop is on the left hand side, only a few doors down.

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The whole walk takes only two minutes. The records are mostly used but new stock is increasing. They are keen to buy your vinyl too. Seemingly not. They do have some cassettes though. Prices are pretty good. Quality is also generally good has to be playable. A big supporter of local music. Not much else to say. Just really nice people with a really good ethos on local music.

Opening Hours Monday Closed. S unday 11am-6pm. The record shop entrance is inside a converted warehouse complex with some trendy bars etc see photos. About — This shop is super new! Opened in April within a very trendy bar complex, the shop is a slick looking operation, run by a former manager of Rough Trade East. Still somewhat a work in progress but looks very promising. The shop is on one floor and is on the small side of medium sized if that makes sense. There is plenty of space with the records arranged all around the outside walls and a wide range of genres very clearly labelled with prominent artists in each genre getting their own sections.

All new. None at the moment. The space is also well soundproofed, which will allow for acoustic in-store sessions to take place. They have Stranger than Paradise T-shirts. The logo is pretty damn good. Opening Hours Monday closed, then open six days. Nearest station - Cambridge Heath overground or Hoxton Overground. Pass eight blocks and you will find the shop on your left hand side, directly after Cosmos records.

Pass approximately six blocks and the shop will be on your right hand side. About — Calling all metal heads! This may just be a small slice of heaven or hell if the Dark Lord is more your cup of tea! Opened in March , this is still a relatively new venture and an extremely interesting one.

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They also have a recommendations section, which is worth checking out. The shop is of a similar size to Cosmos Records right next door!

The great thing is the owner is very welcoming so even if you are not a metalhead you will not feel unwelcome. A small selection. They also have some tapes. No, but the owner will likely put something on digitally if you ask to hear it. The records are all new, after all. Prices vary, but given metal is fairly niche the prices reflect that.

They also have t-shirts hanging up. Contact: shop cryptofthewizard. Opening Hours Monday-Friday pm. Pass eight blocks and you will find the shop on your left hand side. Pass approximately six blocks and the shop will be on your right hand side,directly after Crypt Of The Wizard. About — Opened in September this is one of two specialist record shops on Hackney Road, right next to each other! Fortunately they come from entirely different angles. Cosmos is seemingly very much dedicated to soul, jazz and psychedelic 60s music.

They do cater for other tastes but these are their main genres. From the people that brought you Cosmos Records in Toronto, Canada. All used. Yes, one or two. Given you will likely find records here you may find nowhere else in London Bollywood anyone? There are some posters for upcoming events on a door at the back and flyers by the front window. Opening Hours Monday closed. Nearest station — Hoxton overground station, then just 3 minutes walk North up Geffrye Street and left on Pearson Street. The shop will be on your right in a small row of shops. About — Housed for the last 4 years on the unsuspecting, but culturally interesting, Pearson Street also home to the Hundred Years Gallery venue a few streets south of the canal off the Kingsland Road.

This is a medium sized shop on one floor. There is a good variety of genres here although they appear to favour Soul, Disco, House and Techno. There is a decent dedication to other genres. Used records mostly but some new stuff too. Yes, they have two or three. Quality varies, given these are mostly second hand records but everything is well looked after in plastic sleeves. There are some posters for upcoming events in the window. Nearest station - Rectory Road or Hackney Downs overground stations.

The shop is within the warehouse complex on the left. From Hackney Downs station cross the road and walk down the narrow street running parallel to the left of the train tracks which follows on to Andre Street. You will reach the Hackney Downs park. Carry on along the path on the West side inside the park and you will reach a tunnel on your left pictured. This leads to the aforementioned warehouse complex which will be on your right. Low Company is through the first doorway on the right hand side. About — Around a year old now, Low Company is a unique record shop.

The selection here is wilfully obscure. You will find records you will find nowhere else, across several genres. Be aware you will not find anything mainstream here, and if you do it will be someone on the more obscure side of mainstream. These guys just buy the music that they like.

They are putting their taste on the line, which is rather brave. Luckily it seems to be pretty good! All on one floor with an interesting filing system, this is the sort of place in which you will want to give the records a spin before buying. The records are mostly new.